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BREAKING: George Zimmerman Saves 3 Kids In Shootout With BLM Gang Members

Three children, all under the age of ten, will go on living and breathing today after being saved from certain death by none other than George Zimmerman. Zimmerman, made famous by successfully defending himself against the vicious attack from Trayvon Martin, came upon the children huddled behind a car while BLM gang members waved guns at each other in an argument.

Zimmerman ordered the gangsters to stand down and informed him that he was armed. He told police he heard one of them yell, “That’s George F*cking Zimmerman” and they all turned towards him and started firing. Two of the children were shot, neither fatally. Zimmerman returned fire with his superior training and killed 3 gangsters before the other two ran.

Zimmerman also took one slug to the stomach and was transported to St. Veronica’s nearby for treatment. Doctors say he should recover fully and be back to himself in no time.

As for the gang members, the three who died are being protested as Zimmerman murders” and pictures of the sweet, innocent boys in their baseball uniforms 6 years ago have replaced the images of the three hardened criminals who were on their way to the morgue one way or the other.

Zimmerman hasn’t made a statement.